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History of NFL Teams

History of NFL Teams
History of NFL Teams
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History of NFL Teams

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There are great professional NFL football teams beloved by fans. Most fans who follow the National Football League have their favorite team. You may think all the football teams are cool, but these teams are the best of the best. If you want to know more about your favourite team, here is the right place for you.

Arizona Cardinals: Do you know how the logo of the Chicago Cardinals evolved? In the 1920's, the Chicago Cardinals logo had an interlocking "CC" logo with a wishbone "C" and a red regular "C". In 1944, the Steelers merged with the Chicago Cardinals, known as "CARD-PITT", and were informally called "Car-Pitts" or "Carpets". The Steelers played the game again in the 1945 season. Beginning in 1947, the Cardinal's logo was a brown and black cardinal, perched on a white and black outline football stitch. In 1960, the cardinal's logo became a red muscle cardinal, wearing a football uniform and crossing the St. Louis Arch. In 1970, this logo became the streamlined version of today's mainstream head. The Cardinals logo was designed by Verlander Design. The main head of the city that moved to Phoenix in 1988 changed slightly. After Phoenix changed to Arizona, the situation changed slightly. The Cardinal became the "Arizona Cardinals". In January 2005, the red cardinal head logo has been updated to look sleeker and meaner than the previous cardinal. The beak was changed from gold to yellow, adding a heavier black outline, and the bird was more aggressive than the previous bird. And the eagle eye cardinal is now one of the more familiar logos in football.

Atlanta Falcons: What was the initial logo of Atlanta Falcons? As far as i know, the original Atlanta Falcon logo was a black falcon with a red outline, and the falcon's head and claws protruding from the body to form the capital letter "F". This sign was kept for 23 years but in 1990, the Falcon's red outline turned black. The logo lasted for 12 years until 2003, the logo was redesigned with red and silver accents to depict a more powerful, aggressive falcon, which now more closely resembles the capital letter "F". The new Falcon logo looks similar, but the Falcon has a swifter, "in flight" look.

Baltimore Ravens: Since 1996, the Baltimore Ravens logo has used two versions. The first helmet logo, used from 1996 through 1998, featured raven wings outspread from a shield displaying a letter "B" framed by the word Ravens overhead and a cross bottony underneath. The current version of the Baltimore Ravens logo was unveiled in 1998 and consisted of a purple with black and yellow border raven's head and the letter "B" which is superimposed on its left side of the raven's head. The raven has an aggressive appearance and high aesthetic value, with the bright and vivid colors making the design very memorable and visually distinctive.

Buffalo Bills: Which Buffalo Bills primary logo do you like? The original logo for the Buffalo Bills was a blue football with a herd of buffaloes and two football players. A wordmark "BUFFALO BILLS" in white on top. In 1962, the Buffalo Bills logo changed to a brown football with a brown buffalo in the background. A Buffalo Bills player in their blue uniform and white helmet with a red buffalo. In 1970, the logo changed to a free standing red bison. Designed by aerospace designer Stevens Wright in 1974, The streaking buffalo is a bold statement with the solid blue bold line coming from the head of buffalo. Most streaking indications are not as strong and bold as this streaking logo. It is a classic.

Carolina Panthers: The first logo for the Carolina Panthers was a stylish black panther with a blue trim, which was a 3/4 view with silver features. The black panther has jagged teeth in his mouth. Since 2012, The head of the black panther in the Carolina Panther logo has became black and silver in color, sketched in blue. The team's changes are designed to give their logo a "positive, modern look" and also give it a more three-dimensional feel. What do you think about it?

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Chicago Bears: Which team of the National Football League's logo have kept the wishbone "C" for over 40 years? Yes, the Chicago Bears is. I know the Chicago Bears' first logo was a black bear running with a football, which was introduced in the early 1940. In the 1954, the seconed logo was a black bear crawling on top of a orange with black outline and white seams football. Until the 1962, there was no bear but appeared the wishbone "C" logo on the helmet. In the 1974, the logo which was kept the same wishbone "C" logo changed from all white to a white bordered orange logo. This logo has remained unchanged ever since. The logo is simple.

Cincinnati Bengals: Simple and nice. The Cincinnati Bengal want to bring the energy of their iconic Bengal Tiger Striped Helmets into a new team logo. In 2004, a new logo consisting of an orange "B" was introduced, which was covered with three black tiger stripes. The simple "B" is covered with a black tiger print, used with an abstract helmet and an existing tiger symbol.

Cleveland Browns: Which team of the National Football League is without a helmet logo? The answer is the Cleveland Browns. The Cleveland Browns current helmet logo is reflective of today's modern Cleveland, which honors the past while evolving into the future. It's great! The iconic brown and white stripes stand tall over the orange helmet, a new orange color that matches the passion of the Dawg Pound. The new brown face mask represents the strength and toughness of Cleveland.

Dallas Cowboys: Classy and simple. The Dallas Cowboys' original logo was intrduced in the early 1960, which featured a solid blue star. However, the solid blue logo in 1964 by adding a white border around the blue star, giving it a 3D-effect. This logo has remained unchanged ever since. The star is a motif of peace and serenity.

Denver Broncos: Since the team has been around for more than 50 years, its logo has undergone major changes. It turned out to be a football player riding a two-dimensional wild horse. This image is very detailed, mustard yellow and brown. This logo lasted for a year and then changed to the team's current orange, royal blue and white. The second sign retains the concept of a football player riding a wild horse, but shows a positive football player control. Again, this sign is very complicated, but it lasted for seven years before it entered the orange "D", and the wild horse appeared in the center. The next logo is clear and concise, depicting a powerful Mustang, Denver's "D". This version better represents the team and enhances the identity of the Broncos. This logo was used for 22 years and then further simplified in 1993. Finally in 1997, the logo changed its current status today. All three team colors are integrated into this stylish Mustang design, with a thick silhouette and a threatening look that shows strength and fearlessness. The Broncos marketing team has been using modernization and reducing deterrence for many years to improve their logo.

Detroit Lions: The new logo has only subtle changes, replacing the black outline around the lion with silver and sharpening the image. A fierce blue lion still has a white and silver outline. Flowing bristles and f teeth were added as facial features. Lions are used to represent pride, strength, aggression and glory. The Detroit Lions logo contains "Honolulu blue" color which has been influenced by the color of the "stunning" waves that hit the coast of Hawaii.

Green Bay Packers: In 1956, the logo featured a quarterback wearing No. 41 behind a yellow football with a backdrop of the state of Wisconsin in green. In 1961, a white on green football-shaped letter "G" was designed by John Gordon. Until 1980, the redesigned logo consists of a white football-shaped "G" with a green oval and a yellow border. Cool?

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Houston Texans: Why the Houston Texans' logo is a bull's head? "We think the spirit of the bull reflects Texas; bold, proud, strong, courageous, independent", said McNair. "Red, white and blue are the colors of our state flag our scheme differs from the state flag in that we're using a darker blue and a lighter red". If you are a Houstonian and a Texan, you will be proud of it.

Indianapolis Colts: The Colts logo design is a dark blue horseshoe that has remained virtually unchanged over the years, with a unique blue horseshoe desig. The use of the blue color in the Colts logo symbolizes excellence, class and strength, whereas the white color stands for its integrity and charm. What do you think about the logo?

Jacksonville Jaguars: In February 2013, Shahid Khan, the jaguar owner who acquired the team at the end of 2011, launched a new brand identity for the team, including a new logo. Khan is committed to "using bold, purposeful changes" to envision this logo as a "new generation of new symbols" in the history of the Jaguar.

Kansas City Chiefs: A new design for the Chiefs logo was also in order upon the franchise's move to Mid-America. Hunt returned to the drawing board, trying to give his franchise a logo and once again providing an easily identifiable link to his hometown. The resulting finished product is still one of the most unique symbols of all sports and has been used proudly by the team for more than 40 years.

Los Angeles Chargers: In 2007, the Chargers logo includes a curved gold lightning, pink blue and navy blue silhouette that provides the team with exceptional speed, agility and energy. In 2017, the charger logo is a remnant of San Diego. The logo is made up of curved gold lightning and pink blue and dark blue outlines to provide the team with exceptional speed, flexibility and energy. A slight color change.

Los Angeles Rams: The Rams are the first NFL team to put a logo on their helmet. Since quarterback Fred Gehrke has served as a commercial artist in the off-season, he has been wearing the ram horn on the team's leather helmet since 1948, which has been a hallmark of the club. The ram's head is part of the logo for all of their different positions: Cleveland, St. Louis and Los Angeles.

Miami Dolphins: Since the establishment of the team in 2012, the Dolphin logo has remained fairly consistent. Among the logos, the light green and navy blue, first introduced in 1997, have now been successful through this process, inspired by the colors of the South Florida Atlantic Ocean; and orange represents the bright South Florida sun. In 2017, the Dolphin brought a new, deeper orange sunburst image to the logo.

Minnesota Vikings: In 1966, the Vikings logo was changed to the right Vikings, and the appearance was cleaner. The Vikings have a yellow purple banner helmet with two horns. In addition, the Vikings have yellow braided hair and a beard. In 2013, the Vikings adjusted their Norseman logo, which included updating the shadows, changing the shape and bottom of the corners, thickening the beard and face, making the gold tones brighter and shortening the weave. The base of Northman Point is now similar to the helmet of Minnesota.

New England Patriots: In 1993, a new logo was unveiled, wearing a gray face of a man wearing a red, white and blue hat, starting with a triangle and transitioning to a flowing banner design. It is often referred to as "Flying Elvis". The New England Patriots launched a new logo in 2000 depicting a silver patriot with a red and dark blue striped hat. The 2000 mark was a mirror image of the design in 1993, although some changes have been made to deepen the blue.

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New Orleans Saints: The new logo for the Saints made its debut in 2000. The modern black fleur logo is bolder and more compact than its predecessor. It features a black, white, and black outline to enhance the design. However, the old gold fleur-de-lis with multiple black and white outlines. Shade of old gold altered slightly for the 2017 season.

New York Giants: The New York Giants tried several signs in their iconic history. The Giants logo revolves around three distinct concepts: a "giant" football player ready to throw a pass, the word "Giant" and a variant of New York's initials. Since 1961, a stylized blue lowercase "ny" has been added to both sides of the team helmet. The letter "ny" stands for New York. In the 2000 season, the updated stylized blue and red decorative lowercase "ny" returned as the main logo. The controversy surrounded this change as the team stayed in New Jersey.

New York Jets: The jet re-introduced the logo with the letter "NY" in the background and used it for the first time since moving to New Jersey. The jet did not return to Kelly Green in the AFL era, but used the shadow of the green near the forest as a sign. In 1978, the new logo, wordmark "JETS" in a "sleek, modern font" resembling the wing of a Jet.

Oakland Raiders: According to reports, the team logo of the familiar pirate or the "raid" wearing a football helmet is interpreted by actor Randolph Scott. After a slight modification, this logo has become the raider's logo and team color for nearly 50 years. The Raiders logo has five different signs in their history, but three of them are the same in the city movement from Auckland to Los Angeles and back to Auckland.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Philadelphia Eagles's logo changed in 1996, and the eagle was limited to white bald, drawn in a more cartoon style. The eagle identified and had an aggressive attack with his mouth open. The logo is designed with a silver border for a 3D look. The current logo has a hidden "E" on the eagle's neck. The eagle is a symbol of team's lofty spirit and ingenuity.

Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers logo includes three colored (red, yellow and blue) four-pointed star nebulae, four pointed nebulae, and the left is the Steelers, steel rings and black trims. The idea behind the three stars is "steel illuminates your work, illuminates your leisure, and broadens your world". The three asteroids symbolize the primary colors and reflect the steel manufacturing process. The color represents the ingredients used in the steelmaking process: coal is yellow, iron ore is red, and scrap is blue.

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San Francisco 49ers: Only minor modifications have been made over the years; more notably, the SF, which was intertwined in 1989, added a black outline, and in 1996, a golden finish was added to the interior of the oval. The red in the 49ers logo represents passion. Vibrant and optimistic, while gold shows excellence and a rich team tradition.

Seattle Seahawks: When the Seahawks made their debut in 1976, the team's logo was based on a stylized royal blue and forest green osprey's head based on Northwest tribal art. In 2002, designed by NFL Properties in-house design team, the color was modified to a lighter "Seahawks Blue", a deeper "Seahawks Navy" and a lime green pipe. The logo artwork has also been subtly changed, with an arched eyebrow and a forward pupil suggesting a more aggressive bird. In 2012, the new logo replaces the Seahawk blue with wolf grey. The Seattle Seahawks logo is comprised of the face of a sea hawk with the eyes, beak and the neck artistically illustrating the team's quest for glory, pride and success.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers: In 1976, the original logo for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a pirate in a plumed slouch hat, with a large hoop earring, clutching a dagger in his teeth. The pirate appeared to be winking. And he came to be shortened to "Bucco Bruce". In 1997, "Bucco Bruce" was replaced by a red flag displaying a white pirate skull and crossed sabres which is a modified Jolly Roger similar to that of Calico Jack. The flag was mounted on another sabre. In 2014, the laces on the football are white on the new logo instead of black. The "skull and swords" remain central to the appearance. However, the appearance is cleaner than its predecessor.

Tennessee Titans: When the team changed its name to the Titans, the club introduced a new logo featuring a white ring of the circle which represents the sun with three stars, similar to the flame comet or solar flare found on the Tennessee flag containing the large capital "T". This logo has remained unchanged ever since.

Washington Redskins: In 1982, this "pleated feather" version appeared because the applique did not properly adhere to the helmet at the lower joint of the feather and outer ring. The following year, the decal manufacturer began using more flexible materials, and the team restored the "hanging feather" version of the logo. The current version of the Washington Redskins logo is in a simplified modern form with a native American head in a yellow circle with two feathers. This logo is the same as the 1972 logo.

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