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History of NHL Teams

History of NHL Teams
History of NHL Teams
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History of NHL Teams

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Watching NHL games is becoming so popular around the world now. People love to wear nhl jerseys because they believe hockey to be an awesome sport. Wearing NHL Jerseys is a good way for them to show prefer to their team. Some of the enthusiast may like to exhibit their loved collectibles to friends. With a full roster of teams available, you can choose nhl jerseys easily for your best fitted size.

Anaheim Ducks: In 2007, the Ducks logo had a lame, forming a "D" followed by the other letters in "DUCKS". The text itself is a gold, orange and black accent that forms a three-dimensional look. The entire logo is outlined in silver. The word "ANAHEIM" is shown in black above the team name. The current Ducks logo, D-Foot, simplifies the logo from 2007 to 2013. Instead of spelling out the entire team name, the webbed "D" of the previous logo was enlarged and a logo was created.

Arizona Coyotes: Between 2003 and 2004, Coyotes introduced a cleaner, less experimental design to represent the team. The color scheme is simplified to brick and sepia, and the logo is not as busy as a busy design. The main logo of the Arizona coyotes is an aggressive coyote screaming on the moon. It has a two-tone face with a zigzag black mark in the middle, three bristles extending down to the neck, and a triangular mark on the ears and chin. The Arizona Coyotes logo consists of four triangles that span the bridge of the nose and represent the four peaks. The logo was designed by the Adrenalin Design Group.

Boston Bruins: In 1996, the logo made some minor changes, because the black "B" now has a bold yellow trim with a black border. The golden spokes still exist, but the black outline is added around the spokes and the "B" is slightly elongated. The black circle of thinking adds a gold trim. In 2007, the Bruins logo went through another small redesign that was more daring. The black silhouette of the black "B" has black trim. The yellow spokes are now symmetrical with a striking black border. The thick black circles are consistent with the gold trim.

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Buffalo Sabres: Their full team name appears in the logo, but it is represented by an image rather than a text. It is as if this logo is the result of a Pictionary game. This design has done the job. It represents the city in the form of all its sports teams and also points to the team's nickname. Blue and yellow are also easy on the eyes.

Calgary Flames: The original "Flaming A" logo of the Atlanta Flame. The logo has a red "A" yellow trim and the flame rises from the center. The updated Flames is mainly marked "Flaming C", the red capital "C" is decorated with gold trim and now has black trim. The flame still lags behind the "C".

Carolina Hurricanes: In 1973, the original whaling ship logo featured a harpoon that crossed the white "w" on the green circle. The black word "New England WHALERS" on a white circle. Around the white circle is a green rope as a border. Moving to Carolina in 1998 meant changing the name and logo. The Eye of Hurricane is centered around an elliptical black circle surrounded by a red circle. Then there is another half black circle and a spiked white circle, followed by a black and red half circle with a silver border. The 2000 logo was changed to the "Hurricane Eye" logo is very small. Cleaning the edges and colors is the only improvement to the logo.

Chicago Blackhawks: In 1987, minor and subtle changes were made to the American identity. Facial features vary slightly. The color of the face and the contours of the hair have also changed. The current Blackhawk logo is a side view of Native Americans with red, black and white war paint on their faces. His hair is black with a yellow outline and four different red, green, yellow and orange feathers.

Colorado Avalanche: Nordiques began with its famous red igloo logo. The red "white" and blue outline letters "n" shape and the red hockey stick were the entrance to the igloo. Blue hockey pucks at the top of the hockey stick. The top was the blue "NORDIQUES" and the bottom was the blue "QUEBEC". All surrounded by red circles. A few years later, the current logo has been added a little shadow, but the actual logo has not changed. The mountainous "A" highlights an avalanche that surrounds an avalanche, and is finally dominated by black ice hockey in the shape of the letter "C".

Columbus Blue Jackets: The original logo has a red ribbon with 13 stars on it, representing 13 colonies, unfolding in the shape of the team's initial CBJ. The electric golden hockey stick passes through the center, representing the "J". stick on behalf of another Star Columbus's status as the state capital. The white font "BLUE JACKETS" with red trim and the silver "COLUMBUS" above. Current logo: the red, white and blue flags surround the white and silver stars in the background of the Ohio flag, which is the only NHL team in the state. The way the sign sways around the stars makes a subtle "C" in the logo represent Columbus.

Dallas Stars: Between 1993 and 1994, the stars were no longer north, and after moving south to Dallas, geo-references were removed from their names. The signs used by Polaris in the last few days are preserved, but green and yellow are even darker. The word "DALLAS" is also added in green above "STARS". The new logo was launched in the 2013 - 2014 season. Silver replaces gold as the third color, while green in a bright new shadow is called "Victory Green", similar to the old North Star's green shadow being reintroduced as the main color. The new logo's letter "D" is centered on white, with silver stars and surrounding green borders.

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Detroit Red Wings: At first, the Detroit NHL team was named Cougars after purchasing the folding Victoria Cougars. The logo consists of the old English red "D". The letter "D" stands for the city of Detroit. The symbol of the name Red Wings has stood the test of time and fits perfectly with the Auto City. Clear, clean, meticulous, concise red and white appearances have only been modified several times in team history, not since 1949. The red wing is now famous for its logo with a red wheel attached to it by the wing.

Edmonton Oilers: The original Oilers logo is a royal blue and white oval with the words "OILERS" with orange oil droplets in the middle. The Oilers changed the team's color again and had a deeper blue and brighter orange. The oiler color label "OILERS" is blue and surrounded by a blue ring. The oil droplets in the top center are orange.

Florida Panthers: "The idea when we came into Florida and took responsibility for the stewardship of the franchise, was to start anew and create traditions that were unique to this new start", Vincent Viola said. "I think the logo harkens to the vanguard of courage; the idea that you put a shield on the hockey uniform. It's something to protect, but you also protect it. We wanted something that began a new tradition of winning and demonstrated courage and selfless dedication to a team pursuit of victory".

Los Angeles Kings: When the king made his debut in the 1967-1968 season, the first sign was a traditional crown with jewels and heavy details. The top is the purple word "LOS ANGELES" and the top is the purple "KINGS" with the larger letters. All surrounded by a yellow and purple border, the shape is a hanging banner. In 2011, the king's logo was changed to the current image. No more blue participation, and the city's initials were highlighted in the previous logo version beyond the crown. The retention element is a modern interpretation of traditional shields with a royal/medium reference. The logo also features a silver and black jersey armband streak scheme as a separate element between the top "L.A". and the king's main crown logo.

Minnesota Wild: The original Wild logo is a black bear head created using Minnesota landscapes, green pines, wheat-colored rivers, red skies, yellow sun sets and white meteors. The word "MINNESOTA WILD" is arched on the logo. In 2014, using a Minnesota landscape, green pines, wheat-colored rivers, red skies, yellow sun sets and white meteors, create a new head and cleansing head for a black bear. The word "Minnesota Wild" has been removed from the previous logo.

Montreal Canadiens: As one of the oldest and most well-known symbols in the sports world, the classic Canadian "C" and "H" of the Montreal Canadiens were used for the first time in the 1917-1918 season, when the club changed its name from "Club Players" to "Club de hockey Canadien" Canada. And then evolved into the present form in 1952.

Nashville Predators: The Predators unveiled their logo, a saber-toothed tiger, on September 25, 1997 at the First American Center in downtown Nashville. The tiger's head is dark blue, light blue, gray and red, with gold trim. In 2012, this logo was slightly different from the original, changing the color scheme and making the design simpler. In addition, the tiger's eyes now have more pronounced pupils. The logo features a side head of the saber-toothed tiger, blue and gold highlights, and gold trim around the logo.

New Jersey Devils: In 1983 - 1986, the New Devil's new logo combined the letters "N" and "J" with the corners of the top and bottom of the "J". The logo is red, green outlines and surrounding circles. The current Devils logo is a combination of the letters "N" and "J", presented at the top of the "J" with a devil's corner and a pointed tail at the bottom. The logo is located in an open black circle on a white field.

New York Islanders: Since 2008, the islanders have made another revision to their original logo. The "new" logo once again uses Royal Blue, and now there are four orange stripes on the hockey stick instead of three, representing the Stanley Cup champion that has been won four times in the 1980s. At the bottom is the orange word "ISLANDERS". The letter "NY" stands for New York City.

New York Rangers: The New York Rangers are fortunate to have the aura of the original six-person series. The blue shirt made very little adjustments to the original team logo they used in their first season from 1926 to 1927. From 1978 to the present, their current logo uses the elements of the past and adds a soft blue to the third logo of this style, while basically maintaining the previous version.

Ottawa Senators: The Senator's logo officially became the leader of a Roman general in the Roman Empire's Senate, projected from a golden circle. The logo is slightly upright, and the extra blink of the eye makes him more tolerant. Reflecting the shift in the use of sun visors in the NHL, his helmet can also protect his face. The new logo "represents strength and determination".

Philadelphia Flyers: The first Flyer logo was designed by Philadelphia-based advertising agency designer Sam Ciccone, but the color has its own roots. Bill Putnam, who owns part of the team and helped Philadelphia get the NHL franchise, is a graduate of the University of Texas, and gets color from his alma mater. The letter "P" stands for Philadelphia. Current logo: Black P wing with orange circle in the middle. Flyers' classic orange and black wings-P bring tenacious hockey and harkens back to the Broad Street Bullies era. The letter "P" stands for Philadelphia.

Pittsburgh Penguins: In addition to the 1992-2002 period, the Penguin team used the variant of the "Skating Penguin" logo since the team was founded. The Pittsburgh Penguins opened new signs for their 50th anniversary season between 2016 and 2017. On Tuesday, marking 50 years since the NHL granted the franchise, the team is recognizing its milestone through a one-season celebration.

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San Jose Sharks: Terry Smith is the designer behind the San Jose Shark logo, both original and current. Terry Smith said: "The old shark design is very flat, we want to give it a little size. We rotate the shark slightly, add another color, clean the line and give it more size". The new main logo of still active came from 2007 to 2008. Sharks are more three-dimensional, threatening and powerful. Blinking from the logo to bite the hockey stick. Its teeth are sharp and the eyes are the same yellow-orange.

St. Louis Blues: Since its inception in 1967, "Blue Note" represents the NHL team in St. Louis and has undergone some changes in the process. It applies not only to teams, but also to cities and regions known for their jazz and blues history. The blue color clearly matches the name and is highlighted in yellow to occupy more space on the logo. The badge that the team proudly displays is called the "blue note". Blue notes are taken from the score and represent the team's name. The classic note symbol features blue notes, and the wings are outlined in yellow, white and blue.

Tampa Bay Lightning: Lightning launched their new logo on August 25, 2007. This logo is similar to the inauguration logo but has a more modern look. The new logo also retains the same theme as the previous one, but the top "TAMPA BAY" now has tall letters, and the word "Lightning" no longer appears at the bottom of the logo. The current Lightning logo is a more traditional, simpler look that completely eliminates the team's name and city. The circle around the bolt that is always there still exists, and the bolt itself is a clear, clean appearance that is easily on the eye.

Toronto Maple Leafs: From the classic Leafs logo of the 1940s to the 1960s, the club's new logo has many design features that distinguish it from it. On February 2, 2016, the team launched a new logo that will be adopted in the 2016-2017 season to commemorate its centenary; it returns the logo to a form inspired by early design, with 31 points implying 1931 The Maple Leaf Garden is open, with 17 veins referenced to its 1917 building. Thirteen of them were on the top to commemorate the 13 victory of the Stanley Cup.

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Vancouver Canucks: The Vancouver Canucks have some major signs in the history of the team. From 2007 to 2008, the Canucks will combine the present with the past. They retained the logo of the killer whale but changed the color of the team to match the original appearance from 1970 to 1971. The glyph "Vancouver" is added to the chest area above the killer whale. "C" stands for the nickname of the Canadian team.

Vegas Golden Knights: "We want our team to be known for dedication, honor, strength, courage and a commitment to never give up - both on the ice and off", said Foley. "We want our team to be committed to teamwork, service to this great city and integrity in all things - and we wanted a name and logo that represented all of this and was unique to Las Vegas and our community. Vegas Golden Knights is that name".

Washington Capitals: The Capitals logo of the past include an eagle and the Washington Capitol, and although they have never been accepted, the color scheme has changed. Between 2007 and 2008, the capital returned to its original appearance and made some adjustments. The Capitals "T" forms a hockey stick with a red disc next to it, and the top three stars complement the original look. Red, white and blue represent the capital of the United States, it is the red "Washington" and the blue italics "capitals".

Winnipeg Jets: By 2011, after the purchase of the franchise at Truth North Sports & Entertainment, Thrashers had become a jet team with kindness. Team Chairman Mark Chipman said the team wanted to commemorate 17 Winnipeg, the center of all Canadian Royal Air Force personnel. The new logo was designed in collaboration with Reebok and NHL. The notch in the white portion points to the north appropriately and intentionally. The jet sign is a gray jet that flies north in the blue and gray circles of the red maple leaf.

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